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Luceat Eis -- A Kingdom Hearts Crossover RPG

(Hi! This is a promo for a Kingdom Hearts RPG and we are looking for people who want to RP the men of Squaresoft (or anyone really). If the mod has an issue with the post we will delete it. Thanks!)

The earth is creating light and darkness.
We will become the darkness.

Sora, hero of Kingdom Hearts, thought his quest was over when the worlds that had been consumed by darkness were restored. He was wrong. Four years later, the war that was begun in Kingdom Hearts spans countless worlds and has become far more serious than Sora and his friends ever imagined.

Welcome to Luceat Eis (luceat_eis), a new LiveJournal roleplaying game. This game is a crossover, and while it is strongly based on Kingdom Hearts, almost any characters from video games, anime, or Disney movies are fair game. So far the game includes characters from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, GetBackers, Gundam Wing, Guilty Gear, Treasure Planet, Beauty and the Beast, and Trigun and we are looking for many new players from those or other fandoms.

Roleplaying is conducted via first-person LiveJournal entries, AIM RP, and third-person prose. The storyline centers around the Heartless war but will also include strong interpersonal relationships and character development. This is a serious game and serious applicants are being accepted immediately. If interested, please read the rules in the community userinfo. You must be 16 or older to apply.

Those who wish to watch the Luceat Eis storyline unfold should watch the luceat_eis community. Those who are interested in joining the game should watch the_open_door, the OOC community for this game.

May it shine upon them.

Luceat Eis

Players are accepted by application only. Immediate requests to join this community will be ignored; however, watching is encouraged. Feel free to add luceat_eis or the_open_door to your friends list!

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