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Lady Pendragon

Of Generals and Birthdays

A/N: Written for the hh_kink comm on LJ. It was anonymous, but I'm a slash author anyway, so I write smut regardless (though not often), and I thought I'd share this. If you're interested in helping Haiti and getting smut fics in return, or some other kind of oneshot, message me and I'll see what I can do about it. ^^ It's for a good cause, right? We'd both do our part and get porn, haha.

Title: Of Generals and Birthdays
Rating: M
Author: angel_gospel  (theladypendragon)
Disclaimers: I don't own Final Fantasy VII or its respective characters.
Pairing: SephxCloud
Warnings: Graphic sex, BDSM, bondage, AU.
Genre: Romance, humor.
Summary: Zack purchases a blonde slave for his general's birthday. Sephiroth decides to make good use of his gift.
Link: He tore off the gag and kissed him roughly.
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