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Noobie post! XD

Hey guys! Im SO glad there's a villain community cuz I don't think there's ever been a NON-hot-to-die-for Squaresoft villain.

I must admit my fav are Seymour and Kuja for their impeccable aristocratic snobbiness (they make a very cute couple if I say so myself)

Then there's Ansem. *swoons* Very hot villain with a sexy voice to boot. Love him with Riku too! ^^; I'm the author of 2 Ansem/Riku fics over at that DONT involve rape and abuse. XD

The Irony of Fate

Crystal Hearts

Please read and review! ^^

Keep up the wonderful work guys! And go the baddies! XD


Ah yes! Forgot to add that im currently on a mission to possess Kuja and Seymour's souls in dolls. o.O u say? Chekout my LJ for my info! ^_~
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